Endangered Animals of the World


It is not uncommon nowadays to hear about one or more animals on the verge of extinction. For as long as the world has been habitable, species have come and gone but nowadays, due to poaching, deforestation and other issues, we are facing a rate of extinction that hasn’t been seen since that of the dinosaurs.

For some species there are as little as 30 to 40 left on the entire planet. These animals face extinction in the very near future unless something drastic is done. Magnificent animals on every continent of the planet are set to become extinct over the next couple of years due to poaching and very little is being done to raise awareness of this issue. Animals such as the Tiger and the Rhino are front runners for extinction unless preventative measures are taken.

Organisations such as the National Wildlife Federation and Bird Life have been set up to protect endangered and threatened wild life species and while they do a great job, further awareness and funding is needed on a global scale to help slow if not stop the rate at which these endangered animals are being destroyed.

Help us to do our part and to raise awareness of these animals by sharing this infographic and maybe we can help to make a difference.


Endangered Animals Infographic

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