“The best way to predict the future is to design it.”

– Buckminster Fuller

At INIS Ecology we believe our role is, in many ways, to act as a mediator and enabler, balancing vital ecological considerations and needs with technological innovation and progress. We have a proven track record in the delivery of high quality Ecology products which is reinforced by the fact that we are commissioned by some of Ireland’s largest energy developers to complete the Ecology remits on their projects.

With 17 years of diverse experience behind us, our company offers extensive ecological services in the terrestrial, marine and freshwater environments. Whether it be wind farm, solar farm or small hydro scheme, we are able to ensure that your energy can proceed through each phase of development, satisfying both the interests of stakeholders AND the bigger ecological picture.

With the ever-increasing demands of Ecological/Environmental legislation, we bring to the market, expertise and excellence in the identifying and investigating of your company’s potential exposure to liability. This, in addition to the design and management of suitable measures, will mitigate your risk. Our ability to collate and gather data as well as to communicate with local interest groups, statutory bodies and clients places us in a unique position from where we can provide a scientifically-accurate and concise assessment of project needs, relevant data and projected outcomes.


…grow our strong brand to become the ecological survey company of choice in Ireland – by providing ecological solutions that satisfy the sustainable needs of our ecological landscape, the objectives of technology and development and the demands of policy and legislation.


…offering comprehensive solutions to our clients that combine scientifically-accurate information and robust and in-depth surveys together with clear and comprehensive assessments that translate into practical action. This knowledge base is firmly supported by a personal and proactive approach to client care – building long-standing partnerships and enduring relationships.

Our Values

Information, data, skill and the power of the curious mind drives us – to provide answers and conquer challenges.

We value our standing as an established ecological consultancy, respected by business, government and corporations alike. Any report carrying our branding is recognised for the professional, accurate work that it is.

Total dedication to our clients’ needs through a supportive, solutions-driven, partnership approach.

Why Inis Ecology?

INIS Ecology team members are defined by their ability to think, plan and work laterally and strategically. A recognised hallmark of the company is our focus on identifying ecological and environmental issues before they become a problem. This means substantial time- and money-savings down the line – while eliminating the potential for adverse impacts on the local environment.

While there are few consultancies that can provide projects with on-site, high calibre and experienced ecologists for a long-term period – INIS Ecology offers the strength of its full-time, in-house ecological team. On board are highly-respected and expert on-site managers, bird surveyors, habitat specialists, GIS specialists and general ecologists. All team members have been selected for their expertise in field skills and have had material published in relevant scientific or ornithological journals. Every INIS Ecology expert is either a full or associate member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) – while Principal Consultant, Howard Williams, is a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) with the Society for the Environment (Soc Env) and a Chartered Biologist (CBiol) with the Society of Biology.

INIS Ecology gives clients the benefit of its many proprietary tools and techniques – such as the use of highly-trained search dogs for monitoring bird and bat fatality as a result of wind turbine collision. We have proved that canine monitoring (rather than the more conventional use of ‘people power’) is the most effective way to recover fatalities – speeding up the process and substantially reducing costs. In addition, we constantly stay at the forefront of industry trends, keeping ahead of environmental regulations to ensure full compliance on all projects.

We have built up a sound reputation of uncompromising quality, accuracy and prompt delivery of the highest standard of work. All services, surveys and reports are put through a rigorous system of quality assurance, before, during and after work completion. We ensure active monitoring through inspections, audits and observations as well as reactive monitoring. Where quality issues dictate that it is necessary to make changes to the project plan, action is taken and performance is monitored and evaluated according to best practice and requirements of law.

We work throughout Ireland and UK, across both large and small scale projects for both public and private clients.

Building sound relationships with our clients has always defined the way we work. The issues we deal with on projects may be big – but we define our service by giving attention to the smallest detail. We invest a lot of time upfront to understand your strategic imperatives and goals – and approach every project as a completely unique challenge with its own individual demands.