Bird Survey Ireland

Bird Survey Ireland is an internal division of INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd and caters specifically for birds and the assessment of the potential impacts on birds from development. We are experts in the field of bird surveys, winter bird surveys, breeding bird surveys, the assessment of bird population health and the designing of management prescriptions for a wide number of bird species.

All current legislation demands comprehensive avian assessments and monitoring for a wide range of developments both large and small in scale. Avian assessments are regularly required for pre planning assessments, environmental impact assessments, and Appropriate Assessments (Article 6). Bird Survey Ireland ornithologists have over twenty years experience in carrying out these assessments and have expert knowledge of all current legislation and best practice in the field of avian ecology.

Bird Surveys

We conduct avian surveys in both aquatic and terrestrial environments and utilise a broad range of techniques and methodologies such as:

  1. Vantage Point (flight line surveys) assessments mainly for wind farms;
  2. Wintering bird surveys;
  3. IWeBs surveys (coastal/wader surveys);
  4. Breeding Bird Surveys: Countryside Bird Surveys (CBS) or Common Bird Census (CBC);
  5. Collision Risk Modelling (CRM) – a quantitative approach to assessing collision risk at wind farms.

With all surveys we complete we use standard methodologies as recommended by bodies such as Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

INIS can carry out bird surveys for any type of bird in any type of habitat. We are one of very few consultancies in Ireland that carries out Collision Risk Modelling (CRM) which assesses quantitatively whether a local population of birds can be affected by a wind farm. We usually carry out CRM for clients that have hen harriers present within the zone of potential impact of their proposed development but we can adapt the modelling to any bird species. Our staff is fully trained in both data recording for CRM and also execution of collision risk models for specific species.

We complete many hen harrier surveys each year but please go to our Ecological Surveys  page for a comprehensive list of bird species that we survey regularly.

Please go to the following tabs for examples of some of our current avian work:

Knockacummer wind farm

Lisheen mines wind farm