Protection of Frogs

May 25th, 2018|

Common frogs (Rana temporaria) breed in February or early March, making them one of the earliest amphibians to do so after winter. Tadpoles hatch approximately […]


May 25th, 2018|

At this time of year hedgerows and roadside verges are filling up with the blue haze of our native bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scripta, flowering from April to May. It can be […]

Birch Sawfly

May 17th, 2018|

At up to 25mm long, the Birch Sawfly (Cimbex femoratus)  is Ireland’s largest Sawfly species. The adult is easily recognised by the pale band on […]

Marine Mammals

May 17th, 2018|

INIS staff went on a marine mammal ID workshop recently, consisting of a lecture and boat trip. During the lecture, they learnt characteristic ID features […]

Administrator Position

May 16th, 2018|

Job Title

Office Administrator

Job Description

The office administrator is responsible for ensuring the smooth, day to day running of our rapidly expanding consultancy business based in Ennis, […]

Irish Hare

May 11th, 2018|

Inis ecologists were conducting surveys in West Limerick when this Irish Hare (Lepus timidus hibernicus) decided to investigate the Inis survey van. It’s rare to encounter […]


May 9th, 2018|

The native perennial Cuckooflower (Cardamine pratensis) has been observed in wet meadows and fields by Inis Ecologists this month. This is a native plant belonging […]


May 2nd, 2018|

Inis ecologists were surveying in Munster last week and came across this beautiful Dog-violet. This plant is a native, early bloomer (April to May) belonging […]

Orange-tip Butterfly

April 26th, 2018|

 Spring is well underway and over the last few days, Inis Ecologists have been recording our first observations of butterflies on the wing. This male Orange-tip […]

Wood Anemone

April 26th, 2018|

INIS ecologists were conducting an otter survey in Co. Cork this week. During the survey, they came across an area of deciduous woodland with patches […]

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