The Inis Ecology team were delighted to be confirmed as a CIEEM Registered Practice last week.

Over the last few years, the Inis Ecology Team have been working collectively to develop their training and CPD plans and upgrade or review their CIEEM membership. This has been supported by our Operations Team that have co-ordinated the training programmes as well as the delivery of our application to be a CIEEM Registered Practice.

INIS’s Management Team have also been critical in facilitating the submission of the application, as well as supporting the wider focus that we’ve had on CIEEM support for all of our staff.

Becoming a CIEEM Registered Practice is a very important milestone for all of us here at INIS. It is great recognition for the hard work and focus that the Ecology Team have invested into developing themselves to be independently recognised as Ecologists. It is also great for the company and our clients, demonstrating our commitment to our staff, their careers, and their personal development as Ecologists. Of course, we can’t rest on our laurels! Inis remains committed to continue on this journey, offering the very best training and support to our staff as well as the delivery of ecological excellence to our clients.