A group of the INIS Ecology Team recently caught up with a brood of Kestrels, which were ringed (and colour-ringed) as part of a new (and hopefully growing) study on Kestrel ecology in Ireland. The brood in question, consisting of five fat and healthy, three-week old chicks, were in a box erected by Inis early in 2022. Last year they inspected and roosted in the box but, despite high hopes, didn’t settle to breed. A small adjustment to the location over winter and this year they moved in to nest. Watching them settle in the box, the at times loud courtship behaviour and the differing roles of female and male in the chick rearing have proved to be fascinating over the past weeks and months, and we’re looking forward to seeing their first flights as they learn to hunt for themselves.

With Colour Rings in place…

We hope to track one or two of these young birds as they disperse over the autumn and winter to find new territories for themselves and, hopefully, settle to breed.

Please note that all ringing was undertaken by specially trained and experienced bird ringers, operating under licence to the British Trust for Ornithology and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.