Being consultants on the international energy stage, INIS has served the international power sector for over 12 years now. We have completed projects in Ireland and the UK for some of the largest energy operators and are currently involved with energy projects in Eastern Europe.  Since 2000 we have completed the environmental/ecological remit on over 40 energy developments varying from large/small scale wind farms to major combined cycle gas turbine facilities (CCGT).

Our solutions for the energy sector issues that we cater for are driven by our dedication to the key aspects of our service delivery: Commitment and Adaptability.

Our commitment is illustrated through our responsibility to environmental sustainability, high quality and safety standards, best practice delivery and investment in an expert and professional workforce. We are committed to the success of our clients business every time.

Our adaptability is achieved by understanding our clients’ business and managing our knowledge and expertise to meet our customers’ needs across diverse environments. Our flexible approach to meeting the individual needs of clients is matched by our ability to be proactive and maximise value on every contract we work on, no matter what scale.