Bord Gais Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd. produced, implemented and managed the Construction/Commissioning Phase Environmental Management System (EMS) for the Bord Gáis Whitegate IPP 450MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine in County Cork.

Surrounded by Cork Harbour, a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), within 300 metres of a Special Protected Area (SPA) (White Bay) and with a natural water body traversing the site, INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd. was contracted by the GE Energy and GAMA Power Systems Inc. consortium to design a robust construction and commissioning stage site EMS.

The EMS produced was a highly detailed document that dictated the environmental procedures and control measures for all construction and commissioning works onsite to ensure legal and regulatory compliance and a commitment to best practice. From the outset this EMS was designed to meet Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) requirements.

INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd. was the lead environmental management onsite, directly overseeing the day-to-day environmental compliance of 15 main subcontractors and over 700 personnel. This involved a rigorous auditing schedule and a strong site presence/daily presence in construction coordination meetings, weekly EHS meetings and weekly senior level EHS workshops.

Each operative, both office and site based received an environmental induction; this induction has won plaudits, for being very informative and effective, from all main contractors including the client Bord Gais. INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd. also conducted on-site environmental training in relation to Spill Response, Hazardous Waste Handling and Disposal, Waste Management, Efficient Resource Use and Significant Environmental Aspects.

INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd. oversaw the successful ISO 14001 certification by Bureau Veritas auditors in relation to site activities. We were responsible for all audit aspects e.g documentation readiness, evaluation of compliance, register of legislation and on-site audit and site verification.

The coordination of all dust, noise and water quality monitoring throughout the construction/commissioning phase of the project was our responsibility as was the translation of all results into weekly reports for management.
INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd. worked under the supervision of the main contractors for this project, which are the GE Energy and GAMA Power Systems Inc. consortium.