Knockacummer Windfarm

INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd is the lead avian consultant at the first wind farm site in an SPA in the Republic of Ireland.

We have been working at this site since 2006 and have prepared Article 6 Appropriate Assessments for the grid connection route into the wind farm and the southern access road. This is a large scale wind farm and covers a wide area and a very varied number of habitats.

Regarding the main qualifying interest of the SPA, the hen harrier, we designed the management prescription for this windfarm pre, during and post construction and are carrying out all avian mitigation and hen harrier surveying at this development presently.

Being the first wind farm to be constructed within an SPA dictates a very high level of surveying and the recording of many different variables including activity patterns, nesting activity, prey item densities, habitat type usage and foraging intensity.