Lisheen Mines Windfarm

INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd./ Bird Survey Ireland have been involved with this project, which consists of a wind farm located on the grounds of a working mine, since 2008. This wind farm contains some of the largest wind turbines in Ireland. We have been responsible for both avifauna surveys and also mammal surveys at this site since 2008.

Methodologies utilised at this site included breeding Merlin surveys, breeding raptor nest search surveys, countryside breeding birds surveys (CBS), common bird census surveys (CBC) as well as wetland bird surveys modelled on the Irish Wetland Bird Survey (IWeBS). To date in 2010 we have been conducting post construction avifauna monitoring at this site utilising collision risk modelling methodologies to investigate flight activity by all birds within the wind farm envelope.

Crepuscular surveys have also been carried out during the summer focussing on owls and other crepuscular species such as woodcock. INIS completed a comprehensive bat survey of the site during 2009 and prepared the 2010 report on bats and mammals.