N18 Ennis Bypass

INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd managed the entire environmental remit of this contract for the Contractor, GAMA Strabag Construction Ltd.

We produced the Environmental Management System (EMS) for the project, monitored all works on site and ensured that every process adhered to the EMS.

All ecological mitigation was managed on site including the translocation of the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly Euphydryas aurinia, the development of the most modern bat house in Europe for lesser horseshoe bats, the erection of bat boxes along the road network, the translocation of protected species of plants and the construction of both badger and otter underpasses.

We carried out all consultation with the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board for all construction works within the aquatic environment of the salmonid waters on this contract. These were the River Fergus, Claureen River and the Gaurus River.