Environmental Management

INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd are one of Ireland’s foremost environmental consultants specialising in ecology, environmental management and other environmental services. INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd is an established consultancy based in Clare providing expertise in environmental project management and specialist ecological services.

We offer extensive environmental services, to both public and private clients, relating to the terrestrial, marine and freshwater environments.

The consultancy work throughout Ireland and the UK and have extensive experience in the environmental management of both large and small scale projects. Government legislation has become more onerous creating a greater need for expertise in environmental, health and safety issues. In response to these legislative demands we apply our expertise to the management, investigation and designing of suitable mitigation measures necessary to reduce our client’s potential exposure to costly liabilities.

Environmental Services

The key environmental services that we provide are Environmental Management, Article 6 Appropriate Assessments, Ecology Surveys with a specialisation in bird surveys and the production of, and contribution to, Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) which are part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

We specialise in the ecological impact assessment aspect of the Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Assessment/ Appropriate Assessments process but we have compiled full Environmental Impact Assessments for many projects, both large and small scale, at locations throughout Ireland; we have also completed successful planning applications for many of these projects.

The environmental management work that we carry out involves us becoming involved from inception of a project and taking over the entire environmental remit from the outset. We review and compile all necessary documentation for the project, carry out all the site environmental training and inductions for site staff and then ensure that site works are carried out according to best practice and that it adheres to the relevant legislative requirements.

Environmental Consultants

We are regularly commissioned to complete entire EIS projects. This work involves completing office-based work, onsite survey work and compiling all the chapters for the EIAs in conjunction with a range of external consultants in specialist fields.  In most cases we bring this process right through to the compiling and printing of the EIS and production of the planning pack for submission to the relevant planning authority.

For the larger EIS projects we provide specialist ecological impact assessment services and complete the Flora and Fauna chapters of Environmental Impact Assessments. We will identify and evaluate all ecological receptors and potential impacts following standard impact assessment methodology.