One of the most efficient ways of assessing the quality of a river or stream is by studying the macroinvertebrates that live in it. Larval invertebrates and crustaceans are all packages of information that can be vital for the development of your energy project. We look for changes in the macroinvertebrate population as indications of the quality and overall health of a specific stream or river.

Macroinvertebrate Surveys and Your Project

At INIS Ecology our team of ecologists has significant experience of freshwater ecological assessment and can assist you with field survey work for both development projects and conservation initiatives.

  • We can provide targeted surveys that span all key groups of freshwater aquatic invertebrates. We use a full range of survey methods including direct searching, netting, and kick sampling.
  • We can assess the biological water quality of ponds, lakes, streams and rivers, using freshwater invertebrates as indicators of ecosystem health.
  • Where there is a requirement to regulate discharges into surface water, we can assist you with Q-Ratings. This system, used by the Environmental Agency (EPA), relates macro invertebrate data to water quality.