INIS Ecology offers full River Corridor Surveys as part of your project. Assessing aquatic and riparian habitats, and all associated fauna, is recommended when there may be potential for impact on ecology receptors as a result of development.

We have a team of ecologists who have significant experience of freshwater ecological assessment as part of development work as well as conservation led projects.

Our approach comprises 4 main strategic components:

  • A desktop review to research all site information pertaining to previous ecological studies in the area and the conservation status of the river.
  • A standard field survey method.
  • A special suite of methods unique to INIS Ecology, to assess habitat quality.
  • A system for outlining the extent of any artificial modification.

River Corridor Surveys and Your Project

We offer our clients our shared experience of surveys produced in a number of different areas:

  • Aquatic habitat assessments delivered by accredited staff.
  • Survey and identification of macrophytes including specialist groups such as stoneworts.
  • Surveys of individual plant species.
  • Surveys of protected species which are associated with freshwater habitats – for example, White-clawed Crayfish and Freshwater Pearl Mussel.