INIS Ecology has built up an esteemed reputation in providing assessment services that focus on the marine environment. These key services within our portfolio span habitat and biotope surveys of coastal zones, intertidal zones and subtidal zones.

All survey, sampling and impact assessment methodologies are carried out by expert INIS Ecology team members in accordance with Irish and international standards.

Marine Surveys and Your Project

We can assist you with:

  • Accurate and comprehensive marine and coastal bird surveys.
  • Quality-assured coastal habitat assessments and habitat mapping.
  • Transitional waters and estuarine ecological assessments including fisheries and protected species assessments, botanical surveys and aquatic biological communities’ assessments.
  • Robust intertidal surveys including shoreline transects, quadrant surveys, core sampling (including the processing, identification and interpretation of biological communities encountered).
  • Chemical water quality assessments including the sampling and interpretation of results.
  • Sediment sampling from freshwater or marine environments including analysis of particle size, microbiological/bacteriological counts, heavy metals and other contaminants.