With the mad rush of summer surveys passing, our Quality Control manager, Emer Hannon, held a training event for some of the INIS Ecology Team. This training is held at least once a year and is a great opportunity for ecologists in the company to get together, which is rare as everyone is so busy surveying around the country.

This training goes over the Quality Control processes, Good Housekeeping and Survey processes. Having the Ecologist understand how their work impacts company processes results in them being more engaged and productive. The Quality Control Team ensures that Best Practice Guidelines are always being adhered to and that all survey requirements are being fulfilled for each project undertaken by Inis.

As INIS as a company grows, so does the workload, making it imperative to adhere to good housekeeping so that data is easily accessible by anyone who needs it and is consistent across the board when sending the data to clients.

The goal of this training event is for everyone to feel more confident in what is expected of them in their role as part of the Ecology Team at INIS, as well as helping them to feel comfortable enough to ask questions as they need, providing feedback and suggestions themselves on how the Quality Control team tracks survey data.