One of the INIS Ecology Team, who has been ringing Redwings near Ennis for the past couple of years, was delighted to receive details from the British Trust for Ornithology (who administer the Ringing Scheme in Ireland) of a bird that they had ringed being recaptured in northern Iceland last month. Originally ringed on 16th March 2022, this Redwing was recaptured on 26th September 2023, some 1,516km from Ennis.

The majority of Redwings wintering in Ireland are thought to originate from the Icelandic breeding population – of 56 ringed Redwings recovered in Ireland, 32 have been from Iceland. However, very few Redwings (just seven) ringed in Ireland have been found outside of Ireland, and this is only the second Irish-ringed Redwing to have been recaptured in Iceland. For the ringer involved, there’s nothing like a good recovery (the reporting of a bird that you have ringed and been found elsewhere) to drive enthusiasm in continuing to ring Redwings. The timing is also fantastic, with the first Redwing of autumn 2023 reported in Co Clare on 1st October.

NOTE: All ringing is undertaken by appropriately qualified ringers operating under licence from the National Parks and Wildlife Service.