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Hen Harrier Surveys

One of our core areas of work is bird surveys. We survey sites all over Ireland for both upland and lowland species of birds; hen harriers are the main focus of our upland work and every year we complete many full standard methodology hen harrier surveys. The majority of these surveys are for wind farm projects. INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd is one of the only consultancies in Ireland that carries out Collision Risk Modelling (developed by Natural Research Ltd) which assesses the interaction between hen harriers and wind farms quantitatively.

General bird surveys – terrestrial and marine

We can survey all bird species but  priority species that we survey regularly are golden plover, curlew, merlin, peregrine falcon, red grouse, lapwing, barn owl, short eared owl, swans, geese, and smaller passerine species such as meadow pipit and skylark.  Our surveyors have extensive experience assessing  coastal and marine species and we have carried out long-term assessment of waders and wintering wildfowl at various locations on the Cork coast and Shannon Estuary. INIS has a fully insured boat for the assessment of bird populations at sea, where development may be taking place at a distance from the shore that makes shore based assessments impossible.

Bat Surveys

INIS Environmental Consultants Ltd is established in the field of bat surveying in Ireland and undertakes a range of different types of bat surveys in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Bats and their roosts are protected under both Irish and International Law and are frequently encountered in both rural and urban settings.

INIS  undertakes bat surveys covering a range of building types. All surveys are carried out in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust, Bat Mitigation Guidelines for Ireland and the National Roads Authority Guidelines on protection of Bats.

Where bats may be affected by proposed developments, INIS prepare a strategic approach to ensure that developments may proceed in a manner that allows clients to comply with national and international law and licensing requirements.

Badger surveys

We carry out badger surveys, translocation of badger setts and exclusion of badgers from setts, where necessary. Badgers are frequently encountered on development projects, and the animals themselves and their setts are protected under the Wildlife Act 1976 and also listed in Appendix III of the Bern convention. If work is planned close to a sett which is likely to cause a disturbance, a licence from the National Parks and Wildlife Service will be required for any work to go ahead. This is also the case for any exclusions, sett closures or sett destruction that may need to take place in order to make way for development.

Our staff and associates undertake all aspects of badger survey and mitigation, including baseline survey, translocation of badgers, sett design, sett closure and exclusion of badgers from setts.


Marine mammal assessments (whales and dolphins) can be carried out by registered Marine Mammal Observers (MMO). INIS has a fully insured, solid hull boat for all types of marine assessments.

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