Freshwater Services

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Fish Surveys (Electrofishing surveys)

INIS consultants can assess fish populations within riverine environments using a method known as electrical fishing.

Electrical fishing or electro fishing has been shown to have a high degree of predictive ability in relation to juvenile salmonids especially but is an effective method to estimate the population status all fish species. INIS carries out many quantitative and semi quantitative fisheries assessments each year using a GFT Safari Researcher 660D portable electro fishing unit.

For more information regarding our electrofishing surveys please contact us directly.

Macroinvertebrate assessments (EPA Quality Classification system)

INIS consultants can assess the biological water quality using Q rating. This monitoring system was devised to assess the water quality of rivers and streams in Ireland. In order to ascertain the biological quality of a river or stream, the Q-scheme method is used whereby a Quality-index is assigned to a river or stream based on macroinvertebrate data. The Q-index is a quality measurement ranging from Q1-Q5 with Q1 being of the poorest quality and Q5 being pristine / unpolluted.

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