In 2014/15, INIS Ecology completed one of the largest bat surveys ever conducted in Ireland. Commissioned by Bord na Mona, the project saw Inis Ecology surveying 22 000 hectares over three counties in the Midlands.

If the correct steps are not taken, the roosting, foraging and commuting habitats of bats can all be adversely affected by energy developments. Legislation demands that the developer take this into account and assess bat populations before planning permission is granted.

INIS Ecology addresses this requirement and has developed an incomparable reputation as one of Ireland’s leading bat survey consultancies, providing surveys, licensing, mitigation, and assessment. We have completed large scale data analyses and designed complicated bat mitigation for a number of key energy projects. To make sure that developments are able to proceed and clients can comply with national/ international legislation and licensing requirements ours is a strategic and comprehensive approach that conforms to the highest standards in ecology consultancy.

Bat Survey Capability

All INIS Ecology team members are seasoned bat surveyors. We also work with regionally-based specialist consultants who, as part of a network of relationships, enables us to meet demand anywhere in the country to deliver high-quality, cost-effective work.

We can offer your project the following range of important and comprehensive services:

  • Designing and undertaking walked transect surveys (walking a predefined route and using a bat detector to record bat activity).
  • Remote survey using static bat data loggers to study bat behaviour and habitat preferences over long periods of time.
  • Building inspections including inspection of internal roof spaces.
  • Activity surveys that record bats emerging from their roosts or returning home to them.

Bat Surveys and Your Project – The Technological Edge

We use advanced technology to take us deeper into understanding the world of the bat. When analysing bat calls, sophisticated acoustic software helps us build our knowledge of the different species and their activities. We make use of thermal imaging and infra-red equipment when doing surveys of bats. Most importantly, we use Anabat Bioacoustics Systems which are ultrasonic recorders left on a site to record activity – no human presence is required, making the process more cost-effective for you, the client.