Inis Ecology provides your business with a turnkey environmental service, and a key component is the provision of Environmental Supervision or Ecological Clerk of Work services. This service ensures your project enjoys the benefit of on-site, day-to-day, proactive monitoring. Rigorous auditing of all construction activities identifies and solves all ecological and environmental challenges before they present as a problem.

As part of your project, we can appoint an Environmental Supervisor or Ecological Clerk of Works. This is an expert who, on a full or part-time basis, will oversee all on-site construction activities to ensure that all work complies with relevant statutory obligations, through the policing of planning compliance documents such as an on-site Environmental Management System (EMS) or Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP). Inis can also design your EMS or CEMP, for any size project.

The YellowCard System™

Inis monitors construction using our unique YellowCard™ System: this is our proprietary, state of the art system which we have developed to monitor all work on construction sites whether it be preconstruction enabling works or construction/commissioning phase works.

The YellowCard™ System is the result of nearly 20 years’ experience on major infrastructural construction sites, where we have honed and perfected the system. Today the system is recognised worldwide as an extremely efficient project monitoring tool that performs consistently and reliably each time it is implemented. Clients benefit greatly from the system as it allows them to deliver large scale projects in a highly efficient and measurable way while ensuring rigorous environmental compliance throughout the lifespan of the project.

The process comprises a number of steps over the lifetime of a project:

  • On-site user-friendly environmental inductions are delivered to the entire construction team, explaining how the environment will be protected and how the YellowCard™ System works to achieve this during the preconstruction enabling works or construction/commissioning phase periods.
  • Our on-site Environmental Supervisor or Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) then administers the system, allowing for on-site education in Best Practice, for all operatives as they work. Construction workers can learn from any mistakes on-site and how to rectify them within a short time frame.
  • As part of the whole system, Inis conducts all on-site environmental training in Spill Response, Hazardous Waste Handling and Disposal, Waste Management, Efficient Resource Use and Significant Environmental Aspects.
  • The YellowCard™ System develops a strong team spirit on-site by acknowledging all construction managers and general operatives as the crucial members of the construction team that they are.
  • The whole monitoring and auditing process is stringently recorded so that progress on-site can be measured in a tangible way allowing for savings to be quantified.

Benefits of the YellowCard System™

  • Incidents of non-compliance decrease as the project progresses.
  • Construction teams respect the system and appreciate the part it plays in ensuring that everyone works together to realise shared goals.
  • The YellowCard™ System results in significant, long-term commercial and time savings for you, the client.

Our YellowCard System™ has been tried, tested and proven on more than €2 billion of major national infrastructural projects.

Environmental Supervision and Your Project

Your project can benefit from an Inis Environmental Supervisor in many ways:

Our multi-disciplinary in-house team means that we can access exactly the right person for the job – the most competent expert in the relevant environmental/ecological discipline to deliver exceptional work of consistently high quality.

The Environmental Supervisor will coordinate site activities with the construction contractor, ensuring that any problems are instantly relayed and prompt solutions are found. The Environmental Supervisor is also able to provide Site inductions, Toolbox Talks and on-site environmental training to make sure site contractors have a clear understanding of all pertinent environmental constraints.

Changing site conditions could well mean change of plan. Should this be the case, the Environmental Supervisor can recommend alternative actions on the ground and in real-time, to keep your project on track and on time.

It is the Environmental Supervisors’ responsibility to ensure that all work is delivered with minimal environmental disturbance or damage, at all times.

The presence of an Environmental Supervisor or Ecological Clerk of Works during the construction phase is often a requirement for planning permission to be granted.

The Environmental Supervisor will audit all site management plans and method statements, to ensure full compliance with all planning conditions and statutory environmental legislation.

Our representative will provide permanent advice and insight on how any recommended environmental measures can be implemented, followed-through and kept in check.

Our Environmental Supervisor can liaise with all stakeholders – from regulators to planners.

Our representative will prepare all necessary audit reports and compliance applications.