Policy and legislation that governs energy development projects, clearly indicate the likelihood that any such development can potentially affect internationally protected mammals. This necessitates detailed surveys and a thorough assessment of potential impacts on protected species such as Badger, Irish hare and Otter . To avoid cost and delays during the development stage of a project, it is obviously to your advantage that potential impacts are identified and taken into account from the outset.

INIS Ecology provides comprehensive support with surveys, mitigation, licensing and assessment of effects on protected mammal species to safeguard the country’s ecology and to address legal and policy requirements. We have expertise in, and wide-ranging experience of, all aspects of protected species including their distribution, protection status, ecological requirements and the correct survey methods to use.

Mammals and Your Project

To meet different requirements we offer a range of survey methods, including walked transect surveys (walking routes through on-site habitats), digital camera trap surveys and small mammal trapping (prey item density surveys).

We survey in line with methodologies approved for use in Ireland by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

Specialised Studies on Specific Species

Holt and breeding territory surveys; presence/absence surveys.

Sett and territory marking, foraging and commuting route surveys.

Territory mapping and presence/absence surveys.

Breeding territory and presence/absence surveys.