For the past two months INIS Ecologists have been surveying in a number of counties to identify winter roosting sites for Hen Harriers (Circus cyaneus).  SNH guidelines (SNH 2014) and methods in use for the Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey (IHHWS) have been followed throughout and surveys have been covering both dawn and dusk periods. Our Ecologists have been successful this winter in identifying a number of roosts comprising either an individual bird or a pair of birds. Surveys will continue over the winter months to monitor the roost sites for any increase in occupancy by Harriers. Additional species recorded to date this winter have included Short-eared Owl and Merlin.

INIS Environmental conducts Hen Harrier surveys throughout the breeding and non-breeding seasons to inform appropriate mitigation strategies for windfarm and other developments as to avoid any negative impacts on Hen Harriers and any other protected bird species.